A better way to Learn And Earn At a time. We give oppurtunity to learn by fun and get prize.

About Us

Try3x is the renowned brand of Sikdar International IT Hub Private Limited. Through Try3x and along with different sub-pages under Try3x App, it operates through separate portals and provides platform through which Participants/Players/users can play various Try3x skill based games. Try3x as used here in shall be constructed as a collective reference to Try3x. Install the game only if you are over 19, and play it voluntarily. Try3x is a Gaming App which provides platform for skill based games Try3x is in the business of organizing quiz of mobile games in the Indian market on the Internet ("the Business") on Try3x app which can be downloaded from www.Try3x.com.

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Rule's Of Quiz

After download the app user must need to read and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms & Condition before going to any further step.

In Try3x app user can learn and earn online money at a time. There are three types of wallet they aree MyCoin, Prize, Commission.

MyCoin wallet use to entry fee. When a user want to attend a quiz, we charge a small amount of entry fee. So users are need to buy coin through payment gateway. After buy coins, those coins will add to users MyCoin wallet.

We give prize as coin, when anyone got prize as coin those coins are added to their Prize wallet. They can anytime withdraw their Prize coin.

We also offer refferal system. When any user download Try3x app and play quiz by anyone refferal then the refer by user got some comission coin. Those coin added to refer by Commission wallet. This wallet aytime possible converted to MyCoin wallet.

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App's Features

Sign-Up and Login

You can create new account, and also login usind existing account.

Attend Quize

You can attend quize for extetnd your knowledge

Earn Money

Earn money by play quiz

Widhdraw Money

Widhdraw money to your preferred account at any time.

Buy coin

You can buy coin for attending quiz at any time.


See buy coin, attended quiz, withdraw History.

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Product And Pricing

Try3x is generally Online Quiz Mobile App. Try3x offer to learn and earn online money at a time. For attending online quiz and earn money online Try3x charge a small amount of entry fee and entry fee is coin which is product that Try3x is selling. Our coin and Packages er listed bellow and coin Packages can be change anytime. All of Packages validity is life time.

Pack Name
25 INR
Life Time
102 INR
Life Time
Platinum Plus
152 INR
Life Time
202 INR
Life Time
302 INR
Life Time
Big Offer
500 INR
Life Time
1000 INR
Life Time
Business King
2000 INR
Life Time
Business King+
5000 INR
Life Time
Top Business
10000 INR
Life Time


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